How To Save When Buying Craft Supplies

When one of your hobbies is crafting, you may find that you have entered a competition that you didn't know about....she who dies with the most craft supplies wins. We've all seen the hilarious memes on Facebook that people create about shopping for craft supplies.

There is something about going to the craft store and picking up that 1 needed item, or in my case 1 needed item and 15 possibly needed supplies for a future craft project. It does tend to get expensive though and I am always looking for ways to save when buying craft supplies.

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Groupon Coupons. All opinions are my own. #GrouponCoupons

I'm a pretty thrifty shopper. I visit local thrift stores to see what crafting supplies I can find there. Sometimes I get a great deal, but other times I can't find just what I need. That's okay, because there are other ways to save when buying crafting supplies.

When I head to my favorite craft stores, I check out their clearance section. You never know what gems of a deal you are going to find. The best way to save when you are at the store though? Coupons!

Always check for coupon codes when shopping for your favorite items. I've found that when using Groupon Coupons you always find the deals that you are looking for and the codes are valid.

I have used Groupon codes when shopping at all three of my favorite craft stores - JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby, and Michael's. The great part is that their codes are available for in store discounts as well as online shopping!

The Groupon website has % off coupons as well as information about sales too. I just scored a 60% off clearance deal at because of checking out the Groupon site and seeing that there was a clearance sale going on.

save on craft supplies groupon coupons deals discount shopping

Groupon Coupons makes it easy to find coupons through their website. When you visit their site, you can search by store, by category, and even find local deals.

Their coupons aren't limited to craft supplies either. I have used them to book a local getaway, buy kids clothes at Kohl's, and when ordering our yearly calendar through Shutterfly.

So when looking for a coupon for your next purchase, visit Groupon Coupons.

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