Slow Cooker Stuffed Pepper Soup

I love the ease of cooking when using my slow cooker. Put your ingredients in, go about your day, check your meal, then serve up a delicious and warm meal. If you are looking for some new slow cooker recipes, this is your lucky day! I am sharing my Slow Cooker Stuffed Pepper Soup recipe, and at the end of my post you can find other tasty slow cooker recipes from some of my blogging friends.

Slow Cooker Stuffed Pepper Soup

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I love stuffed peppers, but my family doesn't. They don't like the thought of cutting into a whole pepper and eating it. When I use the same ingredients and put them in a soup though? It's a hit with everyone!

You can find many different versions of this slow cooker stuffed pepper soup out there. Most of them call for you to saute the vegetables. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of the slow cooker though? With my recipe, you will brown the meat, add the vegetables and liquids, then cook until it's time to add the rice. I think you will love the rich flavors of this soup.

Slow Cooker Stuffed Pepper Soup

Ingredients for Stuffed Pepper Soup

3 Bell Peppers (assorted colors)
1/2 onion, chopped (I buy sweet onions)
3/4 Pound Ground Beef
28 oz Stewed Tomatoes
1 small can tomato sauce
5 cups Vegetable or Chicken Broth
2 t beef bouillon (I use Better Than Bouillon Roasted Beef Base)
1/4 t salt
1/8 t pepper
1/4 t garlic powder
1/8 t Tony Chachere's Cajun Seasoning (optional - it adds a little extra heat)
3/4 cup Minute Rice

fresh vegetables and stewed tomatoes for soup

Directions to Make Slow Cooker Stuffed Pepper Soup

1. Use nonstick spray to coat the inside of your slow cooker.
2. Brown your ground beef in a frying pan. Drain the fat.

colorful chopped yellow and green peppers

3. Chop your peppers and onions into bit size pieces.
4. Place all the ingredients except rice into your slow cooker. It is going to look extra liquidy, but that will absorb quite a bit when you add the rice later.

Tasty ingredients in slow cooker to make stuffed pepper soup

5. Cook on low setting for 4-5 hours.
6. Add rice, cover and cook for 15-30 minutes. Taste and season more if necessary.
7. Serve, eat, and enjoy! You can add cheese to the top if you want to, but it's not required.

Bowl of tasty Stuffed Pepper Soup made in the crock pot.

You will have the wonderful flavor of stuffed peppers right in your bowl. I love the colors that the red, yellow, and green bell peppers add to the soup.

Now, if you are looking to add more slow cooker recipes to your menu this fall and winter, check out the other recipes from our recipe challenge. There are a few that I can't wait to try!

I hope that you find some tasty slow cooking inspiration. I'd love to hear if you try some of the recipes. You can let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Swear we live on different soups from here until spring. So simple and easy to throw in crockpot and walk away.

    1. I love all different soup too. Aren't they the best on cold days?

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Simple meals are the best.

  3. This looks delicious - it's like a soupier chili! Perfect for winter <3

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

  4. Oooo, yum! This sounds delicious :) Perfect for autumn and winter :)

  5. Slow cookers are magic as far as I'm concerned! :) It's one of our favourite kitchen inventions of all time haha. And yes, we love stuffed peppers too. This soup sounds amazing.

    1. I totally agree with you!! Glad you like it. Thanks for the nice comment. :)

  6. I love stuffed peppers! I bet this soup is so yummy.

  7. Ok so this slow cooker stuffed pepper recipe looks amazing and something I know my family would love this holiday season! Thank you for sharing this great and new recipe! I can't wait to try it!!

    1. Glad you stopped by Ashleigh! I hope your family likes it as much as mine does.

  8. Sounds amazing. I'm with your kids on the stuffed peppers. I don't like mushy peppers. However, I do love the filling. I bet this is a great soup! I will be trying it out for sure.

  9. So yummy! I love slow cooker meals. This would be a hit with my husband.

  10. Yum...this looks incredible. I especially love that it is made in the slow cooker. Nothing better than coming home from work to a ready to serve dinner!

  11. Mmmmm, this looks absolutely delectable!! I've been wanting to warm my house with soups and stews now that the weather is so chilly. And this looks PERFECT for a Saturday afternoon. Thanks for sharing <3

  12. This looks delicious! I love finding new slow cooker recipes. I just need to start using it more :)

  13. This is so funny because my husband hate suffed peppers too, but I LOVE them! I bet I could totally trick him in to this! Thanks for sharing!

  14. This sounds delicious! I'm all about crockpot meals in the fall/winter!


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